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Satellite Communications


Satellite Communications is a tremendous resource for point to multipoint applications and in locations where traditional terrestrial technologies are impractical to implement.  Unfortunately most companies that can benefit from the advantages of Satellite Communications don't have the engineering expertise or resources to make the correct choices needed to successfully build this type of network. We have experience in designing and installing Satellite Communications networks in many locations, and have been involved in one way or another in Satellite networks in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Contact us if you believe that your business could benefit from the advantages of Satellite Communications.


What We Offer:

  • Complete Design Analysis: Including Link Budget Analysis (Uplink and Downlink)
  • Ground Equipment Specification: Equipment Recommendations for Antennas, Receivers, Transmitters, LNBs, and all required components.
  • Installation: Trouble free installation that ensures the performance of your network to be of the highest availability possible as specified.
  • Support:  We can analyze your network performance and quickly identify and resolve problems.


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