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Cable Networks


The Cable industry's role has evolved from a conduit for additional television programming to a full-fledged communications network.  By incorporating  hybrid fiber-coax architectures and emerging technologies the Cable network of the 21st century provides a multitude of services to address all the communications needs of consumers. Our extensive experience can supplement your engineering staff to provide you with a proven design methodology and associated documentation.  The complexity of these networks no longer allows documentation to reside on the back of a napkin or in the minds of the few engineers that were involved in the process.  Documentation of your network hubs is critical for cost control and efficient performance upgrades.

How May We Help You?

  • Our experience will prevent you from "reinventing the wheel". We work with your staff to avoid common pitfalls in implementing new technology.

  • Designs are fully documented to minimize errors in cabling, so what you THINK you have is what you REALLY have.

  • Upgrades to the network are easily implemented by updating the drawing package and making the necessary equipment changes.

  • The documentation package can be used to generate a BOM so that you only purchase what you need and minimize excess inventory.

  • By using our engineering resources there is no need to "staff up" for network upgrades.

What Can You Expect?

         We can be as involved as you wish.  We can do the entire design, documentation and installation or provide any part thereof.

        "As Built" documentation services are available to provide better control over an existing network configurations.

  • Our cabling installation is clearly labeled with equipment locations to facilitate easy troubleshooting and upgrades.

 Documentation will/can include:

        Hub Floor Plan - Rack Location, Cable Ladder placement, Fiber Channel Locations, Power Distribution, etc.

        Rack Elevations - Equipment locations including an identifying numbering system for each equipment bay.

        Schematics - Referencing the rack location for each component so that you know the location of every component on the        


        All documents are generated in AutoCAD (.dwg) format and are provided to you in electronic form.


 Sample Documents: 



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